How To Feel Better About Your Life In 1 Easy Step

What do you think of when you think of gratitude? Most of us think about the “thank you” that comes along at the end of an ask, or if a plate of food is put in front of you.

But gratitude is actually a lot more than a few “thank you’s” here and there. Its expressing your appreciation for what’s in your life on a day by day basis. Taking into consideration all of the small, seemingly unimportant things you have. Like a toothbrush for example. Not everyone in this world owns a toothbrush. Crazy as that sounds.

It’s also being aware that every day is a new chance to be better. The world gives you the chance every single day to appreciate yourself and everything and everyone around you. It’s simply a matter of choosing to think in that mindset.

Sometimes, we don’t have anything to be grateful for. There are days where it might seem impossible to be grateful about anything. The key thing to remember on those days, is that the world is still offering you an opportunity to learn from your experiences.

Its remembering that even though you got into that fender bender on the way home, ripped your favorite shirt, tripped down the stairs, and burned that night’s dinner, that is still considered a luxury set of problems to have to many people in this world.

You still get to wake up, see a new outlook, and chase after what is important to you in your life. That’s what gratitude really comes down to.

How grateful are you on a daily basis?

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