3 Tips On Crushing Your Commitments

When you think about the commitments you’ve made in your life, can you honestly say you’ve been staying true to your word?

This goes for the commitments you’ve made to your job or business, your family, friends, neighbors, and most importantly, those that you’ve made to yourself.

I have personally dealt with lack of commitment in my life. I’ve tried all sorts of different techniques and strategies to get myself on track, and I can honestly say that the saying “Keep it simple, stupid” is totally real in this case.

Decide what’s important

When you’re doing everything, you’re really doing nothing. Remember this when you’re overloading yourself with responsibilities. This would include learning how to say “No” when needed. Keep your ongoing list of commitments relatively short at any given point in time to give yourself a realistic chance of actually doing them.

Fully commit to what’s important

Once you have a task in your hands, it’s crucial that you tackle it with one hundred percent of what you’ve got. There is no sense of committing to something if you’re going to half-ass your way through it.

Get intentional about your Commitments

This goes back to half-assing. Mindlessly doing something you promised yourself or someone else to do is not only disrespectful toward the other party, but it’s also disrespectful to yourself and reflects your character. When your intent is in the right place, the quality of your result is much greater.

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